Backyard sauna inspector makes a surprise check in for an unsuspecting sauna builder

So, I wake up one recent morning with the following email:

“I have a strange request. I realize you also live in South Minneapolis. Can you come over and sign your ebook for my husband?”

I thought this was a great request!  Even better, we came up with a scheme that I would show up in their backyard and pretend to be a city building inspector.

Let’s check out the surprise visit (with subtitles!):

(video courtesy of Ceri’s daughter Amelie):

After the muse, we stepped into Ceri’s family sauna which was still warm from a sauna session the night before.

Signing Ceri’s printed copy of “Sauna Build, from Start to Finnish” ebook.

And once everything settled down, we got to meet the entire family and learn a bit more about their authentic backyard sauna build project:

“You have created something that your whole family is going to enjoy.  And for many years to come.”  The list is long as to how an authentic backyard sauna gives us so much more than warmth.  List, as most of us know and experience, includes:

  • A healthy family connect – activity
  • Relaxation and rejuvenation
  • An extension and utilization of a neglected corner of our property
  • An open door to the appreciation of Nature and fresh air

All this 15 steps out our back door, yet provides an experience akin to a long journey, without getting into the car.

Ceri wife Allison took a photo of us outside their outdoor backyard sauna retreat, after all the joking had passed.

Backyard South Minneapolis Minnesota sauna build

Think you may be ready for your own backyard authentic sauna?  Click here to learn more.


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4 thoughts on “Backyard sauna inspector makes a surprise check in for an unsuspecting sauna builder”

  1. Ha! Great Job Glenn!!!!

    Congratulations to Ceri and family for the great sauna build. Now you can truly enjoy this cold weather we are having. 🙂

  2. Looking to build a backyard sauna in Minnetonka. Does SaunaTimes have a list of contractors in the Twin Cities that have experience? I just ordered the “Build Your Own” off the website for $20 and I may consider doing on my own. We just completed a backyard fireplace, bocce court and hot tub patio. All that remains to be done is a wood-burning sauna, but I may need some help!

  3. Hi Bobby:

    You live in an ideal spot, and asked the right person! Happy to help, and sending you a separate email. Very warm regards, g.

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