Surfing without wetsuits is being made possible thanks to the authentic mobile sauna movement

Is it me or are more and more surfers in So. Cal. hitting the waves without wetsuits?  After all, compared to, say, Minnesota lakes, the Pacific Ocean temperatures are not that frigid.  Many surfers are getting more into to the benefits of cold therapy through the work of Laird Hamilton and Wim Hof.
Surfing without a wetsuit offers a deeper connection to nature, more mobility, and probably some thermogenesis built in.  But after a certain amount of waves, we will get cold.  So, what better way to warm up and relax between our surfing sessions than with a mobile sauna rolled up close to the shoreline?  Many beaches, like Torrey Pines for example, have public parking very close to the shoreline.

Is it time to wheel up our own authentic sauna as part of our surfing sessions?

Hearty Minnesotans have been surfing Lake Superior for decades.  Body surfers appreciate the connection of body surfing and sauna, so let’s embrace winter surfing and sauna in So. Cal!
Click here to learn more about a perfect mobile sauna unit to wheel up to the shoreline.
Surfing and sauna:  It’s not going to be a huge thing, but it’s going to become something!  Let’s give it a year or two… we’ll see.
Check out this New Hampshire surf posse here: http://www.surfsauna.net/

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