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Outdoor fire pits bring people together

While sharing some bench time and urban sociology chatter with Max Musicant, Musicant Group , he observed how outdoor fire pits are magnets that bring people together.

fire-pit-oct1001f6-300x199Maybe it’s a reminder of camping.

Days of youth spent roasting marshmallows and telling bear stories.

Maybe it’s deeper than that.

We are drawn to fire from our caveman genetics – centuries of evolution.  Fire was the place for cooking, night time light, and thus communal gathering.

Whatever the reason, urbanites are drawn to fire.

Real fire. A tony rooftop cocktail bar may look cozy with a gas flame jutting through a wrought iron sculpture, but gas fire doesn’t draw people.  Add a log to the wood fire in the courtyard at The Nomad and you’ve just invited yourself into the conversation.

Same with sauna.

Staring at a tiled wall and an electric sauna stove in the corner at the health club can, but does not generally foster engagement or friendly conversation.  But watch the reflection of fire from a wood stove dance against a cedar walled backyard sauna, and now you’ve got something.

A Darwin infused environment for sauna talk.

Fire good.

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3 thoughts on “Outdoor fire pits bring people together”

  1. There is something elemental about the fire that draws us in, particularly in the winter. It’s warm when it’s cold, it’s light when it’s dark out, and it’s constantly evolving, changing, growing and collapsing. A gas fire pit doesn’t capture us in the same way because it is always the same and we can feel deep in us that it is not organic, that it is man and not nature made. So go out, buy a pit, put it in your front lawn, light it up and invite the neighbors.

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