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Top 10 reasons why you deserve an authentic sauna at your cabin, cottage or lake home.

10. Sauna is the best way to check for and get rid of wood ticks..

9.  Sauna gets rid of your itchy mosquito bites.

8.  Sauna is your bad weather insurance policy.

7.  Sauna is a great community thing, for neighbors old and new.

6.  Sauna brings your family together.

5.  Sauna gets you cleaner than a shower with soap, shampoo, and shampoo bi-products.

4.  Sauna won’t tax your septic system.

3.  Sauna gets you out in nature.

2.  Sauna gets you away from the screen, cell phone, TV, or other distraction from #3.


1.  Sauna helps you enjoy all the seasons at your cabin, cottage or lake home.


photo courtesy of Brian Peterson

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  1. Hi Glen
    In my last home that I built, I built a sauna in the basement. I built as a luxury item to enhance the home for resale. I started using the sauna and enjoyed it very much. My wife did not care for it the kids the same.
    After going through your web site I am so stoked, I am going to build a outdoor one at my cottage. I am a Contractor so I am always doing some sort of project. But I am tickled pink to start this one!

    Thank for all the great stories.
    Peter C.

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