Types of stoves

There are three types of sauna stoves out there.  I happen to be a nut for the wood stoves, you can pick whichever ones are best for you but here’s my list.

  1. Wood – wood stoves are more “green” especially the efficient ones.
  2. Electric – A relatively new development, great for indoor: small areas or in basements.
  3. Infared – Reminds me of when Joe Strummer of the Clash first went into the recording studio.  The band members began setting up their instruments as usual, and the sound engineer comes barging in, insisting the band members set up instead in separate rooms.  Joe asks why, and the sound engineer responds something about needing separation.  Joe responds: “I don’t know what separation is, but I don’t like it.”  This is my opinion exactly: I know nothing about infared saunas and don’t like them.

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