Venting your Sauna

A better way to vent your sauna is to allow for about a 1/2″ or so crack along the bottom of your sauna door.

Why is this a good idea?

  1. No extra engineering of having to put an air intake vent in one of your walls.
  2. Air coming in through a crack in the bottom of your door will help keep your floor dry, the incoming air acts as a gentle blow dryer, running along the floor to feed air your sauna.
Keep it comfy.
Keep it comfy.

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4 thoughts on “Venting your Sauna”

  1. So then do you recommend not putting an intake hole just below the heater?
    My heater will be just to the right of my door on a perpendicular wall.

  2. Erik: Instead of the bother of an intake vent, as you make your custom hot room sauna door, leave a crack along the bottom of the door such that as your sauna stove pulls air for combustion, it will draw air from changing room, along floor, to the stove. BONUS: this naturally occurring process acts as a gentle blow dryer for your hot room floor, slowly drying your cedar duck board floor as life rolls along. Sometimes physics works in our favor. All this is detailed in my ebook, and happy to assist.

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