What’s for dinner? Loyly rock soup steam pot.

Guest post from Andrew who has installed a conventional wood stove for his sauna, and has found a simple solution to the loyly (steam from water being tossed on sauna rocks) quest.  So far he has not had any problems with his common steam pot that sits atop the wood stove.  He filled it with rocks from his nearby stream to make sure the loyoly is true (and from his land).

Only limitation is the amount of water you can pour on it. 1/4 cup or less to keep it from boiling over.

Steam soup is ready!  ahhhhhh

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2 thoughts on “What’s for dinner? Loyly rock soup steam pot.”

  1. Glenn,
    Upon further experimentation, it has been discovered that more is better. As in so many good things in life, don’t hesitate part way in. Load the kettle up about halfway. the rocks will keep it boiling and the loyoly will keep coming.

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