Wood burning sauna stove: benefit #17 wood recycle.

Ever poke your head in construction dumpsters or those haul away green bags?

Almost always, they’ve got construction wood in them.  Sure, some 2x4s may have nails, but for the most part, there’s tons of potential BTUs heading right for landfills.

Grazing in dumpsters may be below most of us, but a secret pleasure for wood burning sauna enthusiasts is our ability to burn scrap wood material from our building projects.  Isn’t it a great feeling to clean up a wood pile and stack it up in the changing room, ready for action?  After building this 8×12 sauna, this wood pile is what was left over.  That’s a good dozen saunas, gratis.

BONUS:  No construction dumpster or green dumpster bag needed.

BONUS:  Nothing on your electric bill.

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