Writing in a sauna

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Here’s my story…

Not every day am I productive.  And I don’t claim to be the most productive guy on the block.  Having said this, there are days when I feel like everything is unraveled: loose ends with my job, errands to run, projects with the kids, etc.

When I get this feeling of the screws coming off, I take a sauna.  In the sauna I bring only one thing.  Wait, no 4 things:


  1. a big jug of water
  2. an ice cold beer
  3. a pencil
  4. a used envelope

I don’t try to solve all the world’s problems, but the first round, I just try to chill, and get in a relaxed mood.  This allows my brain to start to relax, and if a thought hits me, “oh, I have to get new bindings for my cross country skis” I write that down  then just clear that thought out of my brain.  Often, first round, I may not write anything down.  After 10-15 minutes like this, you’ll be amazed at how much more clear you can begin to think, and prioritize all the crap in your life!  As the first round is almost complete, I’ll toss some water on the rocks to get the sweat flowing, and invariably, my mind starts flowing with it.  Not a bad time to start writing.. just a couple words for each “to do” task, then move on.  Then, i’ll grab some ice cold water from the water bucket, step outside and douse it over me, simulating the jump in the lake experience.  Now that beer will come in handy.  Stay out there longer than you think!  the yin and yang of the sauna experience is such that your heat up time, should approximate your cool down time.  Don’t go into a sauna for your second round while your body is still hot from the first round.  Spread out, stretch out!

Next round in the sauna, ill start with some water on the rocks (loli) and revisit my envelope and pencil.

Wash, rinse, repeat.  Those guys who write on the back of shampoo bottles really have the system down!  try it!! this free sauna information will help you enjoy the health benefits of saunas.

5 thoughts on “Writing in a sauna”

  1. I like this post. Keep them coming. But keep in mind, try to saturate you main key phrases a bit more, and look over your main pages and try to theme them a bit more.

  2. Hello Glenn,
    I found your post when specifically looking for a connection between writing & sauna – thanks!
    It’s been an amazing ‘fix’ for writer’s block 🙂

    Best wishes from a sauna in the Blue Ridge Mountains!

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