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You don’t have to quit your day job to build your own sauna.

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Yesterday’s New York Magazine reports that “After a pretty bad bonus year overall, Peter Kizenko is done with the thankless job of working as Goldman Sachs’s chief equity trader in Moscow. “The fun element has been taken out of it,”

Peter is looking to build a Russian banya in New Jersey.

Has the fun been taken out of your job, too?  Let this be an inspiration to us all!  Why not build your own sauna?

Money: What else do you spend money on?  Wouldn’t it be worth spending your money on something that can give you years enjoyment and increase your happiness and wellness?  A car depreciates fast, a vacation feels great but you’re more “happy to be home”, new clothes?  who needs clothes anyway?

Time: Time waits for no one.  Time spent designing, building, and sitting in your own authentic sauna will make you a new person.  Your spouse will like you better, especially as you re appear “reset” after three sauna rounds with a smile and warm glow.

Space: A sauna can be carved into a reasonable space: a closet or a corner in your basement in your house. In your backyard, a well designed 8×12 structure becomes your own backyard retreat.

Building code: Don’t let your life be run by your insurance man, or the building inspector.  These folks are paid to be negative.  Sauna stoves are UL approved and these guys say “no” because they don’t “know”.

“Yes” is the answer.

We don’t need the Wall Street Journal to tell us that authentic saunas are the home improvement that’s hottest of them all. We simply want to live and enjoy the benefits of our own authentic sauna.

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4 thoughts on “You don’t have to quit your day job to build your own sauna.”

  1. Great post Glenn. I’m helping a friend build one right now. We’re going to be converting a storage shed into a sauna. Here’s the big money saving tip for all of you out there (who are going electric) – SAVE MONEY ON A USED STOVE. Scour Craigslist every day and don’t pay more than $150 for one. They ARE on there. If you have to drive 50 miles to get it, do it.

    If you’re building a sauna room in a garage (preferred) or basement (still sweet), you can do it for under $1500 by saving on the stove. The 7×7 that holds 6-8 people in my garage was built for about $1200. I’ve only had it for a year and all the sauna parties I’ve already had are priceless. I hope to be out there with friends until I’m 80.

    Quit wasting time and build one. Glenn and I will help you.

  2. We are also like to go to a public Sauna once a week. So, our problem is, that we spend approx. 50 Euros a week for the fees. So we think about, to build our own sauna in our home. Thanks for the infomration about building a own sauna.

  3. I thought this post might be appropriate here. These guys made a guide for DIY home sauna kits, that is a good resource to see the kits available at a glance, tho maybe it could use more. Thx

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