Your own backyard sauna: is now the time?

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Your own backyard sauna. Is now the time?

Your own backyard health and wellness retreat. Is now the time?

Have you invested in “Sauna Build: From Start to Finnish” but tossed your hands up and said “I don’t have time to build my own sauna!?” Have you been told to work from home, and now you find yourself with a couple few extra hours in your day. Are you ready to plow into a creative project with great long term rewards? Have you been kicking around with the idea of building your own sauna, but haven’t found the best time to do it?

Could now be that time?

This could be the absolute perfect time to:

  • Hire a kick ass builder like Voyageur Custom Saunas to make your own sauna dreams come true.
  • Get a shed company to come shell up your new sauna building in your backyard, and “Finnish” it yourself.
  • Call Home Depot and have them deliver all the materials to build your own backyard sauna, then start your engines.

Come to think of it, today could be the day.

Even as we retreat from physical interaction, there’s a huge opportunity to actually connect, to learn and to understand. Panic is a choice, and so is productive generosity.

– Seth Godin, March 9, 2020

March 14, 2020. Send us a note in the comments section and say “I am starting my own sauna build today.” The first person to build their own backyard sauna starting today and invest in the best sauna stove known to man will receive a free cord of firewood from Saunatimes.com. This is our productive generosity to help encourage you to get it going. Offer is good in Alaska and Hawaii. Must be present to win, and open to enjoying the ride. The race is on and the journey is as rewarding as the destination.

Need a little inspiration? Please click here to view other amateur DIY sauna builder projects… these folks put their pants on every morning just like you. These folks are digging themselves right now in their own backyard health and wellness sauna retreats.

Come join us!

Photos of a few other sauna builds:

Outside Greg’s backyard sauna
Kimmo’s hand hewn savusauna
8′ x 12′ backyard sauna under construction (with conventional gable).
John’s patio build
7’x12′ mobile sauna. 6’x7′ hot room. Wood fired. Voyageur Custom Sauna Special
German style backyard sauna in Canada
Ben’s backyard 8×12 wood burning sauna
Dave Olson’s sauna well crafted and nestled into his backyard.
Brian’s wood fired sauna in Winter
Jim’s completed backyard sauna. Completed and ready for action.
Looks crazy, but a sauna can be brought to your backyard
Let’s open our minds to the possibility and make it happen.

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8 thoughts on “Your own backyard sauna: is now the time?”

  1. I have officially began my build today. Made my first cuts and nailed together walls today. Hopefully be sitting on the bench in may.

  2. Glenn,

    I bought your book last year; read it carefully but just didn’t have time. Well, do to changing situations i now have time. We live in coastal Alaska (cold winters for us are +10F, and usually +15-25F).

    I’m repurposing an old greenhouse; have will be sauna and the other half will be covered sitting/eating area.

    My question: if I use a “deck floor”—wood with narrow spacing and no insulation to the ground, do you think we will have difficulty maintaining hot temperature? Of course we plan to insulate well, use foil bubble wrap, and have 6’6” ceilings. The idea is simplicity, and easy water drainage.

    Looking forward to your response.

  3. Hi Andrew:

    I have taken many saunas in similar climate, Northern MN, with the hot room floor as you describe: decking open to below.

    But these saunas are not year round saunas.

    Would I build a sauna with open decking floor? Maybe, if seasonal, but if winter use: probably not. You can get your hot room hot with this deck flooring system, yes, but it’ll take that much longer when it’s “f**’ing cold.” There’s something good about being able to envelope the whole space and being able to control the air flow, and lock in the heat, even down to the toes.

    Hope this helps, Andrew.

  4. Just started mine last week in NE Mpls! Framing it all up from scratch. The eBook is super helpful.

  5. Great Peter! Glad my ebook Sauna Build, Start to Finnish is helping you out. It’s comforting to know that many are engaging in their own sauna build projects right now. I was thinking this am about scarcity. Seems it’s either money or time. And with the corona lockdown, many of us have more time. So, we can think of our sauna builds like a really good stock. We invest the money now, and let it’s value increase over time! More chatter on this:


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