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Category: Types of Saunas

Large Sauna

World’s Largest Sauna

Therme Erding purports to be the largest thermal bath complex in Europe at 36 acres. It is located 30 minutes northeast of Munich by car and is visited

bike sauna

Portable Bike Sauna Is Incredible

I’ve drooled over every mobile sauna online for longer than I care to admit. A mobile sauna provides opportunities for a community gather like no other;

hotel sauna that's rockin'

Tips For Enjoying a Hotel Sauna

Hotel saunas are a mixed bag, to say the least. Sometimes you run into one like this pic on the right. The temp is acceptable,

Why Infrared is Not a Sauna

Why Infrared is Not a Sauna

It’s simple: infrared is not sauna, and even famous actors are picking up on it. I break down why exactly infrared hucksters are the greatest con men in the sauna world.

The mobile sauna, by

8’x12′ exterior dimensions: Three functional windows. Half glass door, outward swing. Goofy wave optional. 6’x7’4″ sauna room: dimmer light for custom ambiance. Sauna thermometer: hovers

Wood heat vs. electric heat

Is there a difference?  Tell me your opinion. Considering whether to build a wood burning sauna or an electric sauna?  You may want to read

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