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Perfect Sweat Summit, San Francisco, March 10-12, 2014

 San Francisco Airport to Archimedes Banya: Hotel Whitcomb to Archimedes Banya:   Links: Archimedes Banya (415) 206-9000. Hotel Whitcome  (415) 626-8000 Perfect Sweat Summit   Presenters: Leonard Koren, founder

Saunatimes is coming to Finland!

An official call out:  Seeking a private residence in Finland with a fantastic sauna. Saunatimes is coming to Finland April 2014 as part of a

The Friday Happy Hour Sauna

Friday afternoon is a time we all collectively exhale. Those of us worker bees can finally close down our laptops and enjoy a little “me time.”

Twin Cities Sauna Club Three Beer Sauna

Most people know that mixing alcohol intoxication with sauna can be deadly, especially if you add in heart problems.   On the other hand, combining beer

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