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Ice sauna

An ice sauna is counter intuitive, but SaunaScape reports that folks  are chilling out in a sauna made from ice blocks.  We note that nobody

Sauna down the path

Saunas work, no matter who shows up

You can’t play tennis alone.  You can golf on your own, maybe hit a second ball, enjoy the solitude between belting out a swear word

Beer in the sauna

I’m all for it. For those of us who like a cold beer once and awhile as a way to chill out, and for those

Sauna in the snow

Dec.  3,  2010  We’ve talked about Friday afternoon saunas, and the beauty of this Friday sauna session was a heavy dose of snow falling.  Here’s

Mobile sauna delivered to Uncommon Gardens

Breaking News The mobile sauna was delivered today to Uncommon Gardens in South Minneapolis. Owner with a vision Peggy Poore, owner, has shown remarkable vision

Mobile sauna to a party near you

If it’s possible, you do it. Creating an ‘up north’ authentic sauna vibe where ever you need it, whenever you need it.

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