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Category: Tips for Enjoying Sauna


How do you take a sauna?

What is this? This is an authentic wood burning Finnish sauna. Northern Europeans have been taking part in this ritual for centuries. How is this

Sauna: what's your favorite temperature?

There is lots of discussion about sauna temperature.  Some like their sauna at around 200 degrees f.  Others enjoy their sauna around 145 degrees f.  

Saunas: the power of the number three

There are so many “threes” relating to saunas: Three major attributes of saunas. Health and Wellness Escape Fun Three sauna rounds make for a complete

Hotel sauna: how to take one

Ever notice how many hotel saunas seem neglected and underutilized?  Well, whether you take a hotel sauna solo, or share the hotel sauna with a

Sauna party: Friday afternoons

Some like saunas in the mornings, others before bed, and most enjoy a nice sauna after a workout or running.  Not all these times are

Water and the sauna: drinking

Drink a big glass of water before you go in the sauna. Bring a full liter plastic jug of water to the sauna, drink most

Easy way to light your wood stove

I love this product.  These fire starters are environmentally sound, inexpensive (27 cents each), and they work fantastic.  They are simply candle wax and sawdust,

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