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Category: Tips for Enjoying Sauna


Cabin life and the three boxer rotation

In countries like the United States, where “public” nudity is met with a gasp and scorn, many sauna participants adapt to the culture by wearing bathing

Sauna firewood

A sauna detailed by the minutes.

Today, is a sauna that is typical of many saunas. 3:25 pm – light wood burning sauna.  Get a good flame going. 3:30 pm –

outdoor shower ideas

Outdoor Sauna Showers

What is it about outdoor showers that make us feel so free? Every backyard sauna can benefit from a simple outdoor shower set up.

The best part of a sauna cheryl peterson

Finally! A Children’s Book About Saunas

  The survival of any tradition depends upon youth participation and education. When children learn about the sauna and experience them with their families, they

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