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Category: Tips for Enjoying Sauna


The Four Stages of Sauna Recuperation

Don’t neglect your recuperation period. If doing a sauna at night, the full recuperation period includes the moment you exit the sauna for the last

hotel sauna that's rockin'

Tips For Enjoying a Hotel Sauna

Hotel saunas are a mixed bag, to say the least. Sometimes you run into one like this pic on the right. The temp is acceptable,

pouring water on yourself after a sauna

The sauna evangelist

Yours truly was interviewed for a story in Minneapolis’  The Southwest Journal. Winter has set in heavily now.  It starts to get dark at 4

Opposite of cold interview

Author Michael Nordskog is interviewed by a very knowledgeable M.A. Rosco from Fox 9 Twin Cities.  Note the Kuuma Stove and mention of Lake Superior

Sauna: your best hair tonic

“I like saunas, but they dry out my hair”. I hear this sometimes.  Here’s the simple solution: wet your hair before you go into a

All the Sauna Tips & Rules You Need to Know

I share a bunch of sauna tips and rules you need to know to be a great sauna host and steward of sauna, and The Chicago Tribune weighs in with 5 simple sauna rules for you.

Sauna and revolving doors

Seth Godin is one of my favorite current writers.  He applies metaphors in a way that makes me smile.  He’s from my home town, Buffalo

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