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Category: Sauna Philosophy

pouring water on yourself after a sauna

The sauna evangelist

Yours truly was interviewed for a story in Minneapolis’  The Southwest Journal. Winter has set in heavily now.  It starts to get dark at 4

Shoulder surgery sauna

This is a guest post from my friend Steve, who recently had a bad fall, then major emergency shoulder surgery: “With any surgery the body

Saunas make you happy

How do I know this? Two reasons. Everyone I know is happy when they sauna. The World’s happiest countries, per Gallup World Poll, each have

jerk chicken

Sauna enthusiasts make good chefs

Managing your sauna temperature offers some parallels to good cooking. Bringing up to temperature Everyone knows you get your oven up to 425 degrees before

Sauna for the ages

Saunas are great for all ages.  In sauna, age doesn’t matter. I opened the sauna door at my cabin sauna last evening to a full

Perfect weather for a sauna

Saunas are most popular in Scandinavia, Seattle, Minnesota. Is it the chicken or the egg?  Are Scandinavians predisposed to sauna or did the Scandinavian climate,

Sauna and revolving doors

Seth Godin is one of my favorite current writers.  He applies metaphors in a way that makes me smile.  He’s from my home town, Buffalo

On the edge of the box

Click here: Mahmoud Ahmed Lala link. What does this song have to do about saunas?  Seemingly nothing.  Mahmoud Ahmed is a 60 year old Ethiopian

Wood heat vs. electric heat

Is there a difference?  Tell me your opinion. Considering whether to build a wood burning sauna or an electric sauna?  You may want to read

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