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Category: Sauna Weather

meteor shower

Sauna during a meteor shower

Greetings fellow Sauna Timer’s.  Have you ever considered sauna during a meteor shower?  Now’s your chance.  Mark your calendars.  The Geminid meteor showers are due

Kurt and Glenn on the dock

Does Bad Weather Piss You Off? Try This

We drove to the cabin in a cold rain, and by the time we went to bed, a layer of slush was sticking to the deck. 10 inches of heavy wet snow greeted us in the morning.

Summertime Sauna

With the awesome spring we’ve had and temperatures soaring near 90F and with the Twins on a miniature roll , what better time then a


A hot sauna on a hot day?

It’s 102 in Minneapolis, MN today and I’ve mentioned to several people that I’ll be taking a sauna later, in case they’d like to join

Pacific Storm

The Best Bad Weather For A Sauna

When you own a sauna you find yourself getting excited about bad weather. You’ll be driving home, watching other people scurry to their car with

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