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Category: Sauna Weather


Buried in the blizzard, literally

Indeed: the worse the weather, the better the sauna.  Wouldn’t you like to do this in your own backyard?  (Note the 1:10 mark – Clint

Sauna in the snow

Dec.  3,  2010  We’ve talked about Friday afternoon saunas, and the beauty of this Friday sauna session was a heavy dose of snow falling.  Here’s

Perfect weather for a sauna

Saunas are most popular in Scandinavia, Seattle, Minnesota. Is it the chicken or the egg?  Are Scandinavians predisposed to sauna or did the Scandinavian climate,

The Mobile Sauna: January 23, 2010

Rain, not snow Rain in Minnesota in January seems as common as snow in San Antonio in summer.  We are typically blessed with single digit

Rainy day sauna at the cabin

Not sure where it came from, but hanging on our cabin wall is a little sign that reads: cabin (ka ben) n. 1. a place

Rain, rain, beautiful rain

CAVEAT: I can’t speak to what this new age video is about, but it’s the only one I could find of this great song (30

Best weather for a sauna

Some say snowy days are best; others like a cold rain. But as a rule of thumb, the worse the weather, the better the sauna.

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