Build Your Own Sauna

I wrote “Sauna Build: from start to Finnish” for you.

  • I’m not a professional builder.
  • But I’ve built a bunch of authentic saunas.
  • And I know how to build saunas.
  • And I love helping others realize their own AUTHENTIC sauna dreams.

For a $20.00 USD donation, I will send you my ebook.

I took careful note of many of the details, shortcuts, and special tricks about building a sauna. The materials have been used by several folks – just like you – to build their own saunas.  What’s better is that these fellow kindred spirits have helped me improve what I will be sending you.  My ebook has helped many build their own saunas and I am excited to be there for you to build your sauna.

And I will help you.

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Thinking of building your own sauna?

My build your own sauna ebook will help you in a big way.  Time is such a valued resource.  You have a job, you have family, you have other things going on in your life.  But you want to carve out some of your valuable time to build your own authentic Finnish sauna.  I understand all this because I am just like you.  I build my saunas in my spare time, too.

 Thinking of hiring a contractor to build your sauna?

Have your contractor purchase my ebook. There are details in my ebook specific to building a sauna.  Floor drain and insulation are examples.  I guarantee to save your contractor many hundreds of dollars, and countless hours.  Even more importantly, if your contractor reads my ebook, you will be getting a more authentic, better sauna.

$20.00 – to help maintain this website – and you will receive:

  1. 9 chapter ebook – laid out in easy to read, easy to follow step by step fashion.
  2. 100 corresponding photographs – that won’t leave you in the dark.
  3. Basic blueprints – to help you visualize your own health and wellness retreat.
  4. Complete building materials list – for you to bring to your Home Depot and tell the Pro Desk “I’m on a mission from God to build my own sauna.  Here’s your SKUs and exact product descriptions.  No funny business.  Deliver this stuff to my backyard ASAP.”

photo (7)Unless i’m on a ladder or on the sauna bench, once I receive your donation, I will be automatically notified and I will send you the ebook directly within hours of when you order.

If you don’t receive my ebook within a day or so, please check your spam folder or rattle my cage on here.  I am very communicative and prompt and love helping, so if you get no correspondence from me it is because of an email communication problem and not because I am suffering from lame communication skills, ADD, or ADHD.

So, please click here:

>I am confident that you will be “wow’ed” by at least one significant time and money saving tip from my ebook – At least one thing that is going to save you hundreds of dollars in time and/or materials.

BONUS:  I won’t leave you hanging.  My goal is your sauna satisfaction.  Life is short.  Sauna building is NOT something out of your scope of ability and expertise.

Isn’t it time for you to realize your own authentic sauna dream?

an old school lakeside sauna & boathouse

We can divide “build your own” into two categories:

  1. indoor electric: building an indoor wood sauna is certainly possible but everyone gets all worked up about insurance and building codes.
  2. outdoor wood: building an outdoor electric sauna is like living next to a great ski hill and preferring to ice skate.  wood saunas are better, and (given the right wood burning sauna stove) take no longer to heat than an electric stove.  Unless you have a phobia of firewood, I definitely recommend an outdoor wood burning sauna!

FREE SAUNA INFO:  Here’s a good place to start, and ‘finnish’, in terms of the perfect sauna.

Here’s a step by step instruction and building material list on how to build your own sauna.

  • Indoor framed in to your existing structure
  • Outdoor free standing.

both options are way cool.

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  1. Hello! I bought your ebook about 5 years ago and recently changed computers and thought I had backed it up, but unfortunately cannot find it. Can you see record of me buying it? If not I’m happy to donate again. I found the detail exactly what my perfectionist husband needed and we’re finally getting going on our sauna.

  2. Hi Sarah,

    We’ve noted that you were generous in repurchasing “Sauna Build: Start to Finnish”. Thank you. I’m doubly offering to be available to answer any questions you may have, supporting your perfectionist husband is our mission!

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