Sauna Benefit #14: Community

Our cabin sits on an island in Northern MN.  There’s a little foot path connecting a bunch of cabins along the Eastern shore.  We have our own sauna of course, but my 10 year old and I often trek down the path to join a few others in “the Birmingham Sauna.”

Sauna down the path

Why do we go there?  The unemployment rate may have jumped, housing sales may have dropped, Michael Jackson may have died, but at that moment, sitting pensively in a sauna on an island on a lake 240 miles from Minneapolis, all that interests us is:

  • Water pump from the lake: “how did you set yours up?”
  • Duluth: “can you pick me up a box of 2 1/2″ deck screws?”
  • Fishing: “Jack caught a twenty four incher off Comet last week.”

May sound a tad trite, but where do you go find your community?

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