Sauna benefit #9: sleep all night

cardinal outside my sauna

My wife and I have had a 5 am wake up call every morning for the past week.  It’s that time of year in Minnesota, everything is alive and making noise.

We have this crazy cardinal who starts up at the first sign of light with a maddening incessant chirp right outside our bedroom window.

I took three sauna rounds in my backyard sauna last night and tucked myself into bed by 11 pm.  When I awoke, it was 7 am, and I felt like I had just shut my eyes for a minute.

When is the last time you’ve slept that soundly?

A Finnish sauna helps relax your muscles and gets you in a mentally calm state.  You may just need someone to help shovel you into bed, but wow, what a way to get even with a noisy cardinal!

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