Sauna: finally got rid of my cold!

It was day four.  Sick of television, sick of my pillow, sick of my bed, I had to get out of the house.  I grabbed my youngest son, our hockey sticks and gear and hit the outdoor rink.  Ten minutes in and I was starting to second guess myself.  Holding myself up along the boards, hacking like a chain smoker, dizzy with Robittusen remnants, I could just hear my wife “you shouldn’t have pushed yourself”.  But I had.

I had to do it.  I was sick of staring at these crisp clear sunny January Minnesota days from inside.  Plus I knew what was waiting for me, my backyard sauna.  We made it home and after grabbing 32 oz of water and my towel, I escaped to my sauna.

Goodbye hacking

I first noticed a change half way through round one.  No more hacking.  Just as a wood burning sauna can take the bite off a zero degree night, it cleared me out after just one shot of water on the rocks and a few coughs.  ahhhhhh sticking it out a little while longer, I then doused some cool water over me and stepped out into the fresh air.  Not bad!

Goodbye weird drugs

I don’t know about you, but taking cold medicine is just a bit of lessor of two evils.  I have no idea what guaifenesin is or what it does to your body, but it sure ain’t natural, and it surely is in cough medicine.  And a by product of being sick and taking drugs is that weird “out there” feeling from drugs.  I forget what i’m watching on TV, my wife’s voice has a freaky echo, and I get dreams to a warped degree.  Not good.  This much is clear: if I were to take a sweat sample off my skin during round two, i’m sure it would be full of guaifenesin.  I’m pretty sure the body doesn’t digest the stuff, but i’m very sure I was sweating it out.  It felt great to sweat, and feel myself again.

Goodbye achy body

Laying in bed all day and night sucks. I had pretty much turned into peanut brittle.  Skating took on heightened fear, for had I crashed, I’d surely break into pieces.  Yet, while sitting on the bench during round three, I began feeling the complete opposite.  I tossed a shot of water on the rocks, stood in the sauna and began stretching.  “oh, so that’s what my ankles feel like!”  My lower back pain was gone, I was like Gumby and each stretch and deep breath made me think “did i really just lick this damn cold?”

On the package of Cold Eze and those zinc lozenges it says something like “proven to shorten the duration of the common cold.”   I can personally attest, this same claim could also be posted outside my sauna door.


Sound asleep, I notice is the sound of a garbage truck.  “Garbage truck?  what the?” So, I start thinking, if I am hearing a garbage truck it must be morning, and if it is in fact morning that means I actually slept through the night.  I open my eyes.  I look at the clock.  7:08 am.  Sheesh.  I just slept soundly for 8 1/2 hours.  First time I can say THAT since my cold.  Yippie!! thank you sauna!  I take a deep breath, no need to cough.  I get out of bed.. ah.. gumby, not peanut brittle.  Thanks again sauna!

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  1. “If vodka, tar or sauna doesn’t cure it, then the sickness is fatal.” Finnish proverb

    That’s a health care system I can get down with!

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