Sauna is just a good overall rut buster.


letting loyly hit your skinWhile lacing up his shoes after three long relaxing sauna rounds last night, a friend of mine remarked:

“I’m starting to think that sauna is more a necessity than a luxury.  Thats how I feel:

  • Mental clarity
  • Restored energy
  • Its just a good overall rut buster.”

We all need our own rut busters.  For some it’s walking the dog, exercise like yoga, biking, hiking.  Going to a movie, perhaps.  Yet sauna is a double dose rut buster. Sauna complements all rut busting activities.  The rubber band theory of sauna brings forth mental and physical expansion.  Gathering with a few folks on a cold wet Monday night for a couple beers between sauna rounds brings forth kinship and casual conversation.  And, of course, sauna helps one cool down the pace, easing blood pressure.

GOOD NEWS:  Life is long enough that you can enjoy all these benefits, starting now.

Is it time for your own sauna?

3 thoughts on “Sauna is just a good overall rut buster.”

  1. “more a necessity than a luxury” – absolutely true!

    Its a cold, dark & wet Friday afternoon here in the North East of England and I’m already looking forward to my Sauna session this evening. Not only does it relax and sooth my aching muscles but also washes off the perceived dirt and stress of the working week!

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