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Health Benefits of Sauna

health benefits of sauna

Improve Your Skin, and Your Outlook.

There is lots of information on sauna health benefits, including pant loads of claims on the many websites selling infrared saunas.  You can check out my post health benefits: links & comments but a quick summary of the major benefits are:


The heat relaxes us.  Checking out from the overstimulated world relaxes us.  Reminds me of that great line in Shawshank Redemption, when Brooks gets released after spending most of his life in prison: “The world went and got itself in a big damn hurry”. Go take a long relaxing sauna.  You’ll understand how your life has become a big damn hurry. Relieving stress is a huge sauna health benefit.


I dare anyone to hydrate well, then take three full sauna rounds with cold plunges or clean rinses between their sauna rounds, then have a light snack, then relax some more, then shovel themselves into bed at night and NOT sleep well.

Lard Ass Reduction

Here’s the logic of losing weight in a sauna: When in a sauna, heart rate increases up to 50%.  This heart rate increase is about the same as fast walking.  Body metabolizes when heart rate goes up.  If you follow this logic, you can lose weight in a sauna (not just water weight) because your heart rate goes up, burning fat.  I’m good with that.  We need to get Oprah in a sauna and get her hooked, then that Dr. Oz can get some study to verify this, or stay tuned here, i’ll look for a link for further review.  I think loosing weight as a sauna health benefit can be viewed in a larger context: taking a sauna after exercise feels fantastic, so having a sauna encourages exercise and THAT is a health benefit!


Temperature of the skin (and bod) increases in a sauna, blood flow increases.  Increase blood flow and opening of the pours is a recipe to clean out the pours.  Let’s look at it in terms of mosquito bites, which are basically small irritant infections of the skin.  After a sauna, they go away.  That’s an example that can apply to cuts, acne, dirt, etc.  One last point: take a look at a Finn or Swede.  At 50, they look like teenagers.  Now that logic may not follow completely, but it’s worth looking at!  There is undisputed health benefits of saunas in taking care of your skin.  I have a close friend with eczema.  It is more acute in the cold dry winter season.  Saunas help his skin measurably.  I will have a post on Steve soon so we can review the health benefits of saunas and the skin.  I promise, no gross photographs.


When you get a fever, it’s our bodies natural way of killing off the bad virus.  Bad germs die in our body when our body gets too warm.  In a sauna, our bodies benefit from the same effect.  Our immune system produces antibodies and the incubation heat to get rid of bad germs.  The health benefits of building your immune system by taking saunas is logical and I’ll get Dr. Phil or Oz or John to verify this to shore up this claim from a medical perspective (or musical perspective in the case of Dr. John).

These are my 5 basic sauna health benefits.  Please review posts over on the right hand side for more information.  Keep in mind, sauna wellness benefits quickly turn into health benefits via a well rounded approach to your health.  What i’m saying is don’t go buying an infrared sauna and set it up in your living room and sit in there watching TV through the window, then eat dorritos and wonder why your skin looks crappy and you can’t get rid of the tire around your torso.  Saunas encourage a healthy lifestyle. That’s the overriding health benefit of a sauna.

Disclaimer:  After a sauna party, escort new guests to the property line.

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