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Sauna Gift Guide

My sauna gift guide for sauna and cold plunge enthusiasts, plus the BEST gift for a sauna owner.

lake superior surfing

The Spirit of Lake Superior surfing

In this beautifully produced video from Prana Lens, we are treated to the Spirit of Superior Surf.  Included therein is Singularity and the Fibonocci Principle,

a hole in the ice as the moon rises on lake vermilion

Winter Cold Plunge Cabin Retreat is Warmly Received by All Participants

Finlanders jump through holes cut through the ice with no more emotion than Americans collecting their lunch at the McDonalds drive through window.  Some even swim around leisurely in the ice cold water.  But 91% of Americans think jumping into a freezing lake is absolute insanity.  Thanks to this weekend’s antics, we are happy to be amongst the 9% who think it is wonderful.

Backyard Sauna build

Backyard Saunas

The outdoor backyard authentic sauna experience is being enjoyed RIGHT now by many hundreds of people. How do I know this to be true? I have helped hundreds of people build their own authentic backyard saunas.

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