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Authentic Finnish Sauna for sale

Authentic Finnish Sauna – $13,500 (Delivered to your backyard) Wood burning Kumma Sauna Stove, the best sauna stove made, I can change it to electric

24 inch wide sauna benches

Sauna Benches

From wood selection, board width, bench width, and more, I share everything you need to know about sauna benches, including how to build sauna benches!

All the Sauna Tips & Rules You Need to Know

I share a bunch of sauna tips and rules you need to know to be a great sauna host and steward of sauna, and The Chicago Tribune weighs in with 5 simple sauna rules for you.

8x12 sauna plans

8’x12′ sauna blueprints

Here is a sketch of my ideal sauna, drawn in ideal conditions on graph paper in a dimly lit changing room, between sauna rounds with two

Outdoor Sauna: Sizing, Flooring, Electricity?

This piece is all you need to know about outdoor saunas. We touch upon such things such as building size, electricity, and even such treatments as an outdoor sauna foot mat you can build on your own.

Endorphin rush after cold plunge

The Cold Plunge

Many are coming to sauna through the cold plunge. And for most of us, the cold plunge goes with sauna like peanut butter goes with jelly.

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