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Pillar IKI 6,6 kW


The original Pillar heater 6,6 kW is the “tiny giant” of the IKI electric sauna heater family. This stylish stone pillar is a bestseller.

Pillar IKI electric heater 6,6 kW is perfect for 176-317 ft³ saunas. The diameter of the electric sauna heater is only 13.4 inches and the small safety distances make it possible to fit this heater into very small spaces. The heater carries a great 264 lb mass of stones, which are heated thoroughly by the six U shaped resistors.

The heater has a mounted control unit with a 1-hour clock, a pre-timer and thermostat control.

IKI electric sauna heaters are built in Finland, hand-made from stainless steel and other high-quality materials that meet the most demanding standards.


264lbs / 120kg

5 Boxes

*Sold Separately*



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