Sauna Help, From Start to Finnish: One-on-One Consultation


  1. 30 day email exchange.  Typically Glenn responds within 24 hrs.
  2. No BS.  Glenn will advise you based on what he knows and has experienced from his 25 years of sauna building and with his avid appreciation and enthusiasm for the authentic sauna experience.
  3. Unbiased attention.  Wait, that’s not entirely true.  Glenn has been using the Kuuma stove since 1989 and he is a nut for it. But he’s open minded and isn’t going to try to sell you one, because he understands that your sauna is your sauna.  Oh, and careful because Glenn is wood burning biased.  Yet he understands that wood burning isn’t always the best option for the sauna enthusiast, depending upon where you live, rules against wood burning. whether sauna is within your house, etc..  He is sensitive to this fact.
  4. Other communication.  We can talk on the phone and/or text, but we can move the ball really well with a few emails, and then phone chat and/or text.  It saves a lot of time for all involved and is really efficient.
  5. Drawings.  Everybody loves drawings and Glenn can provide a drawing and/or review yours.
  6. A passionate guide to help realize your authentic sauna goals.  That’s the main thing.

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