Small Kuuma Wood Burning Sauna Stove


To Buy:

Costs to ship a Kuuma Stove vary. Free pick up in Minneapolis, MN. About $200 - $400 for residential lift gate delivery, depending upon proximity to Minnesota.

Length: 18″

Width: 14″

Height: 32″

Stove Weight with Fire-Brick: 375 pounds.

By Definition taking a sauna is a steam bath taken in a Finnish manner.  That’s exactly what Kuuma wood sauna stoves do for you- provide excellent heat and a great level of steam.  Be ready to move down off the top bench when using a Kuuma Sauna Stove.

Ask someone who owns or has already tried a Kuuma sauna stove and you will see why they are recognized for their quality design and providing an unmatched sauna experience!

Small Kuuma stove template

Please click link below.  Then click “print” on your computer.  Then tape together to make your stove template.

Heat shields extend 3″ beyond this template.  This template is for the stove only.  The “X” intercepting the stove pipe will line up for your plumb bob, for detailing the exact placement for your chimney.

Small Kuuma Stove template


Kuuma wood burning sauna stove setback requirements

The Kuuma stove is UL certified. To comply with setback requirements, please note as follows:

If your wall and ceiling surround is all non combustibles, technically, there is no setback requirement. All non combustible components include  aluminum studs, batting insulation, and metal or cement board interior wall.

If building with all non combustible stove surround, we suggest at lease 4″ of air space from stove to non combustible wall. This setback is to help move the heat.
If using combustibles (wood studs, cedar walls, etc.)
  • Scenario 1: Without Kuuma heat shields:  38″ clearance: wall to stove.
  • Scenario 2: With Kuuma heat shields: 18″ clearance from wood paneling/cladding wall to stove.
  • Scenario 3: With Kuuma heat shields and fire retardant wall: 7″ clearance between fire retardant wall and Kuuma heat shield.

What is the best way to make a fire retardant wall for stove surround?

Materials include:

  1. Cement board, or galvanized aluminum, or thin copper sheeting.
  2. 1″ Spacers.
  3. Screws.
Screw cement board to studs. Apply a second course of material (cement board, or galvanized aluminum, or thin copper sheeting) with a 1″ air gap between this material and the cement board screwed to the wall. Secure the second course of material about 4” off the floor and extend to a height of at least 52” from the floor.
One way to create spacers between layers is to cut 1” pieces of metal pipe and use as extension washers for screwing the interior layer of material (cement board, or galvanized aluminum, or thin copper sheeting) to the cement board that is screwed to the wall.


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