A cost effective purchase to encourage sauna for the whole family.

Along the shoreline of a large island in Northern Minnesota, there sits a beautiful sauna that was once a ratty boathouse with oil stained shelves storing piles of old bolts and rusty old chainsaw chains.  The sauna conversion was tackled in one season:  all the crap cleaned out, the structure gutted and redone to include a pretty nICE sauna with an ample chill out changing area.

The couple are encouraging the return of their children to the lake, the lake they grew up on.  Their children now have children, and the tradition continues:

  • Afternoon tubing, water sports and splashing off the dock.
  • Evening family meals with conversation flowing on and on.
  • Late night smores and stories by the fire.

In between all the family fun is the sauna – the great age equalizer – with shoes to fit every size family member.

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