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A sauna investment that brings the family together.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a guest post from Mike, who has been in contact with me for months, keen on building his own sauna escape.  We started with 50′ of carpenter string. The results and smiles speak for themselves:

“The sauna is finished. A fifteen degree afternoon. Seven family members gathered for a test-run. The new Kuuma purring in the corner, breathing steam into the room. Chatter from the kids. Laughter from us all. Water splashes on the rocks and the pure smell of cedar hangs in the steamy air. Hasty plans to roll in the fresh snow. Another blast of steam then a count of three. Kids burst into the chilly air, rolling, laughing, screaming. Back into the warmth for another round. A new building worth every penny. A question put to my 1/2 Finnish nephew–“does this touch your Finnish soul?” His reply–“Yes. Yes it does.”

Another facet of heaven at the lake.”


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