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The origin of aufguss

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Luca Schneider is little known as the founder and origin of aufguss.

The date is not well known, but revisiting the moment is best recounted as follows:

It was a typical day inside the recreation center sauna just outside Munich, Germany. A dozen or so sat quietly on the sauna bench. The dead quiet was pierced by Luca Schneider:

“Genug ist genug” (enough is enough) he said.

Pulling his naked ass off the sauna bench. Unscripted and completely out of German character, Luca Schneider unwrapped the towel from around his waste. He began spinning it above his head, moving the around above the sauna heater.

The dozen or so other German sauna goers in the sauna were aghast.

“vhat is zee doing?!” one whispered under their breath. All were too shocked at the imprudence to reprimand.

However, Luca had had enough. He had been coming to this public sauna in Munich for many months. His courage to push himself off the sauna bench this day came from a deeply rooted motivation. After graduating from college, Luca backpacked up through Northern Europe and deep into Lapland. Here, Luca found himself on various sauna benches. From generations old wood burning saunas along fresh lake shorelines, to more than a couple smoke saunas in farmlands and small villages, Luca had felt the holy trinity of good sauna. And on this day, he was not in any mood to take shitty sauna with bad ventilation any longer.

Adding to this, on this particular day while on the sauna bench, Luca’s head was spinning around inside with detailed formulas and flow hypothesis. His backpacking trip was his parents’ graduation present. A celebration of sorts for his high marks in his engineering studies. Sitting on the sauna bench, Luca was proudly revisiting his studies and his first place award metal, for his team’s capstone class project on laminar flow. The project’s success had help propel him into a job offer as a fluid engineer with Fichter Engineering.


And Luca wasn’t about to let the stale air in this sauna win the battle in his head. It was time to do something. It was time to show his courage and break ranks, stand up and say: “Genug ist genug!”

The dozen or so other German sauna goers were too stunned to shun Luca back to his spot on the sauna bench. As Luca began spinning his towel in protest to the bad air, the sauna goers could only sneer. They did their best to not set their curious gaze on naked Luca.

Most of those on the sauna bench closed their eyes, hoping Luca would find his own conformity and give up. But after a bunch of rotations of defiant towel waving, as Luca’s spinning began to slow, seemingly giving up the cause, something happened that was to change German sauna tradition forever:


All turned their gaze to Herman Neumann, long time former town b├╝rgermeister, and a regular to the sauna, from his defined position on the sauna bench.

Nobody moved. Even Luca’s towel spinning came to a halt, as did the jiggle of his dangling appendage.

“Mehr!” Herman commanded loudly, again.

And so, Luca started up again, towel waving over his head, like a helicopter’s blade, with invisible formulas of laminar flow optimization spewing out in front of him. The sauna goers all exhaled in calm acceptance. And then, for the first time in what could have been decades of sauna sessions amongst stale dead air, Herman showed a spontaneous smile.

And aufguss was born.

cropped- Alex Aufguss Hewing
Aufguss with Alex, atop the Hewing Hotel, Minneapolis MN
genug ist genug
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