Could 75% birch, 25% oak be about the best firewood mix for your wood stove?

Someone suggest differently, but we are having tremendous success with this mix.

  1. Get the fire rocking with well aged birch.
  2. Toss in a “yule log” of red oak.
  3. Fire hungry for more wood?  Pull the coals forward and alternate between birch and red oak.

Like the perfect cocktail, blending a wood fired sauna stove with mostly birch and a smattering of red oak promotes a super hot fire in the stove, and gives us a super hot long burn time.

75% birch, 25% oak.  We have died and gone to sauna heaven.

fire good.

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3 thoughts on “Could 75% birch, 25% oak be about the best firewood mix for your wood stove?”

  1. We don’t have birch readily available, however, many different species of oak and hard maple among many other hardwoods, while experimenting with a new sauna, hard maple with take to 240 plus without a problem, a little warm for a relaxing sauna, adding seasoned red oak, which happened to be on the wood pile keeps it plenty warm and beyond, may have to mix with poplar and basswood seasoned to figure the proper combination?

  2. Birch is brilliant. But then so much depends on how dry the wood is. Weather birch or oak. Or in deed ash. Moisture, age, fire nest draft, hight of chminey flue are all factors. Serious sauna science.

    So I say go with what gives you your heaven.

    I’m happy with clean wood smell and good loyly.

  3. We recently commissioned our new sauna and I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the right wood combination.
    I’ve been burning oak, madrone, and douglas fir. After about a month of running the sauna I’ve been thinking 75% Douglas Fir, 25% Oak or Madrone is about right. Interestingly Douglas Fir and Birch have about the same level of BTU per cord. I started with 100% oak and it didn’t want to get blazing hot, so took longer to heat up. Starting with fir and then using oak to hold temps allows me to drive temps up quickly, then settle out at a comfortable level.
    Still learning the best quantity/time, but thinking about this each time I build a fire.

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