Close the door!!!

Sauna etiquette:

Rule #1:  “Don’t drip sweat in the cold water bucket!”

Rule #2:   Don’t open the sauna door unless:

  • sauna-doorA.  You’re coming into the sauna
  • B.  You’re leaving the sauna

BONUS:  Before “A” above, consider yelling through the door, asking those inside the sauna if anyone needs anything. Before “B” above, grab anything you need (towel, Sauna Shoes, empty water bottle, beer, etc.)

We all have ADD and need proper medication, but for a good sauna party, get in and get out, and close the door!!!!

2 thoughts on “Close the door!!!”

  1. If you are leaving, just knock on the window and wave- no need to say good bye, we know where you are going.

    Rule#3 Bring at least one more beer than you plan on drinking.

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