Cold water plunge between sauna rounds revisited

Cold water between sauna rounds is an integral part to the authentic sauna experience.

Cold water plunge between sauna rounds is not some macho ploy.

Cold water between sauna rounds:

  • Flushes your exposed skin pores, cleaning your body naturally.
  • Increases blood flow and helps your immune system.
  • Reinvigorates your mind and body via endorphins and all kinds of great stuff that is hard to put into words.

Next time you see someone leave the sauna hot room, towel off their sweat, and start getting dressed to go home, call them out.  You have my permission to call them a dumb shit.  They are missing half of the goodness of sauna.  What’s worse, they will keep sweating and their exposed pores will absorb crap like poly and poly by products from clothes and who knows what else.


Just like with water being tossed on sauna rocks, the cold plunge may become your favorite part of your sauna experience.  As Wim Hof says:

“At one point the cold will feel just as comfortable as wearing your favorite pajamas.”


The clean rinse.

After every sauna round.

Set up for the cool down.

The rubber band theory.
pouring-water-on-yourself-after-a-saunaEndorphin rush after cold plunge between sauna rounds




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