Could fall saunas be the best?

It’s fall.  The leaves are peak color.  The afternoon has you thinking about putting shorts on, but as the sun sets, the cool dry air settles in.

It’s sauna time.

The water temp is brisk.  As you dive in, your body reacts to the cold water, but you’re not fighting to get to the ladder.

Standing on the dock, your body equalizes.  Refreshed, restored, rejuvenated.

Could fall saunas be the best?

fall sauna cold lake plunge

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4 thoughts on “Could fall saunas be the best?”

  1. So jealous, but happy for you. Give us a shot of the color. I’m talking about trees just to be clear…..

  2. No doubt Glenn! In October we finally get 50 degree water. It gets better and better all the way up to mid-November.

  3. Spent an hour in the sauna today. Had a couple of dips in the lake! Nothing better than cooling down in the water surrounded by vibrant red maple and golden birch leaves reflecting on the lake!

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