Cribbage and sauna: two intertwined activities that help us chill out

Whether at a cabin sauna or a backyard sauna, sitting with a buddy and a cribbage board between sauna rounds means some guaranteed rest, relaxation, and a laugh or two during our cool down sessions.

Like with sauna:

  • With cribbage there is a certain kind of rhythm to it.
  • Cribbage can float around in the background, as other stuff is going on.
  • There is a tactile element to cribbage.  Beyond the utility of the game, there is art.  The board.  The table.  The pegs.

Like with sauna, as we get older, cribbage will always be there for us.  Many of us are just starting to grow into it.

cribbage-board-10leftWhat else is good between sauna rounds?

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2 thoughts on “Cribbage and sauna: two intertwined activities that help us chill out”

  1. I’ve had this Website since 2014 &this will be my first time using it. Pretty things those saunas. I’m a Finn from central MN. I still can remember when is was a very young man going to Grampa’s house & sauna next door. I’m 68 & want to own one….Duey

  2. I felt the calling even through the awful experience of the chlorinated dark stained wood of a hotel sauna. I picked up a two man traditional rock sauna for two hundred and fifty dollars. It wasn’t bad but needed work. I turned it into my sanctuary. Sauna Tonttu sitting on a little bench I built him, day dreaming in a trance in deep thought as he stairs into the light. I often join him and always chuckle when i realize I am doing the same as he is. The roof lined with empty IPA’s, Amber’s, Bock’s sitting atop lined up proudly like a hunter displays his buck. The crown royal bottle repurposed with water for steam löyly, as my experience find the bucket better to ice my drinking water, and beers down. Into a new discovery now. A podcast, I start at the beginning, don’t waist it as there are not many to sauna with. Dreams of drinking from my newly discovered NiceMug, oh I can’t wait. I would love to share this with someone, but people would think I’m a strange one. I keep it to myself and enjoy my new podcast friends instead. Perhaps a new sauna in my distant future big enough to invite friends, big enough to lay on a bench which i cannot do.

    This is not a fad, I have owned my two man for 7 year now and have used it regularly. Modified heater for 205° with my standard 15 minute sand timer sessions which typically happen in cycles of three sometimes five. When I build, it will be the best, nothing spared. I will eventually build a room in my newly built home planned under the front porch where some misguided folks would store guns, or rack wine. Perhaps another sauna outside set near a 65 acre patch of pines.

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