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400 people take a sauna in 4 hours

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Happy New Year!

8 am 1/1/10. It’s Zero degrees outside and i’m going to fire up the mobile sauna, parked at the Ice Dive in Lake Minnetonka.

8:45 am 1/1/10. The sauna is 150 degrees. The changing room is about 20 degrees.

1 pm 1/1/10. All the people have finished jumping through the hole in the ice. Despite the door opening and closing at least 400 times the sauna stayed above 145 degrees ALL day. We had about 400 people in and out of my mobile sauna.

1:15 pm: 1/1/10. I added a log to the Kuuma sauna stove. The sauna is now 185 degrees. I spoke with Bill, one of the event organizers, and he gave me the green light to jump through the hole in the ice. I am going to jump in and take a sauna.

If you have photos or videos of this years ALARC Ice Dive, Please email me.

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1 thought on “400 people take a sauna in 4 hours”

  1. Killer Glen. Amazing that so many people went through and you held the temperature. Love the tunes going. Nice storage space above as well. Very exciting.

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