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Are you ready for a Saunacation? Join us for Sauna Days 2022

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That’s right. Sauna Days is back! And a Saunacation may just be what the Doctor ordered. Come join us at Larsmont Cottages, Two Harbors, Minnesota and join fellow like minded sauna enthusiasts this coming May 6-8, 2022 for what is set to be a resonate-ingly wonderful couple of Sauna Days!

  • Experience several different saunas on display and fired up for action, just for you!
  • Feel what it’s like to immerse yourself in the world’s largest freshwater lake.
  • Partake in sauna curated events scattered throughout the weekend.
  • Drift off on your own, or with a few sauna sub groups, and explore the North Shore, Minnesota USA.
  • Repeat as desired.
Sauna Days Larsmont
Between sauna rounds, Sauna Days 2019

Whether you have your own sauna, or tough it out at a health club sauna, or are pining for a saunacation experience, Sauna Days 2022 is planned to help you relax, restore, and rejuvenate.

My experience with Larsmont Cottages

I’ve partaken in 50 saunas in 12 days in Finland. And I have traveled all over North America, experiencing different resorts and facilities offering sauna. Larsmont Cottages is a special place for a “sauna takeover.” Their existing sauna is kick ass. The Larsmont sauna sits by the shores of Lake Superior amongst the different Scandinavian designed cottages, which helps create a Nordic village vibe. The Larsmont Cottages staff know authentic sauna: they know how to fire up a stove and keep it up to serving temp. for their guests.

two harbors mn larsmont cottages sauna
Larsmont Cottages wood fired sauna building

For this weekend, we will be bringing in more saunas, and like minded sauna enthusiasts from far and wide. I can’t wait for some spontaneous sauna serendipity conversations and connections. I hope you consider joining us for an awesome weekend of sauna action, seminars, displays, and sauna related libations.

Interested in learning more about Sauna Days?

  • Click here for a Sauna Days 2019 review.
  • For a preview of action for Sauna Days 2022, please click here.

Get Ready for Sauna Days 2022 at Larsmont Cottages from Odyssey Resorts on Vimeo.


Fireside seminars and conference chats with:

  • Dr. Colin Zestcott: Sauna Research Institute. “Science is finally catching up to what we’ve always known: Sauna is really good for your health, both physically and mentally! Our research adds to the small, but growing, body of literature showing that sauna can help reduce anxiety and depression.” 
  • Justin Juntunen: Cedar & Stone Nordic Sauna. “Participants will dive into the history of sauna culture from around the globe, with a special focus on how immigrant sauna culture began in the midwest in the late 1800s. Not to be stuck in the past, we will explore how today’s modern sauna movements are creatively growing and serving people in new ways.”
  • Glenn Auerbach: Finland trip: 50 Saunas in 12 Days: “was a balance of planning and spontaneity. A lot of planning through connections made, then emails and correspondences up to departure. As far as endurance, well, I got on my sauna game. There is no judgement with sauna. When you are hot you leave, when you are cold, you go back into the hot room.”

Book giveaways

Sauna Magic, Garrett Connover

Garrett Conover’s Sauna Magic, released 2019

Garrett can’t make this year’s Sauna Days but SaunaTimes is going to give away a couple copies. $46.95 is the retail price. You can go to Traditional Sauna to order your copy.


  • Morning Plunge Club will be back! In 2019, we joined the Morning Plunge Club on the rocks by the lake for 10:00 AM service. Our preacher was Ben Hugus from Ursla Minor Brewing and our choir was curious onlookers. Our God was the calm, cool, clear waters of Lake Superior. We cold plunged. We were born again. And we will do it again in 2022!
  • Excursions close by: There is plenty to do along the North Shore surrounding Larsmont Cottages. Is there a better way to gear up for sauna action than experiencing some nature action? There’s killer hiking, kayaking, exploring close by. We will have side trips available. Side note: tipping over a kayak into the world’s largest freshwater lake (39°f, 4°c.) becomes a “hell yea!” when we know we have multiple saunas idling, awaiting our return back at base camp.
  • Onsite action:
    • Bonfires, live music, craft beer takeovers, sauna lovers’ social hour,
    • 4 Mobile Sauna Vendors
    • Sauna Talks & Presentations
    • Yoga Classes
    • Cold Plunges
    • 5 Craft Beer Vendors
    • Live Music Friday Night & All Day Saturday
    • Specialty Vendors 

Finnish Smörgåsbord Dinner

Is our salmon soup as good as their salmon soup? Indulge in the best traditional Finnish cuisine and mingle with like-minded Finns. The Saturday dinner at 2019 Sauna Days exceeded all my wife and my expectations. The Larsmont staff take great pride in their culinary craft. We all know how good food tastes after a sauna session, yet she and I were hugely impressed with the quality, creativity, and variety of the food offerings at Sauna Days 2019.

Earning our desert after a great day at Larsmont Cottages, Sauna Days 2019

Limited time: Sauna Days Lodging Coupon Code!

SaunaTimes is pleased to offer you a limited offer coupon code good for 20% off lodging for Sauna Days!

Book today by clicking here. At check out, add Promo Code: 20SDAY.

The grounds of Larsmont Cottages, awaiting the “Sauna Days 2022 Sauna Takeover.”
Larsmont Cottages, Two Harbors, MN
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5 thoughts on “Are you ready for a Saunacation? Join us for Sauna Days 2022”

  1. Glenn,
    I apologize for the off blog post topic comment, but I remember reading somewhere that making a blog comment was the best way to reach you. Anyway, here we go. Have you ever done or are aware of any emissions testing on the Kuuma stove? I have a sauna being built by Voyageur that I am going to use for a mobile sauna business. The zoning department in my town has specific code requirements for solid fuel emissions and is asking for the Kuuma emissions to see if it meets their code. I called Daryl Lamppa and he didn’t have any emissions testing on the stoves, neither does Eric at Voyageur. So, I thought I would check with you to see if you had any information.
    Thank you,
    Jarrod Deines

  2. Hi Jarrod:

    Lamppa Mfr. has particulate emissions for their Vapor Fire, the home furnace, but as Daryl mentions, not for the Kuuma. The main reason is the mechanical draft system. The Vapor Fire draft is automatically controlled by a computer, that reads the temperature in the fire box and opens and closes the damper (air inlet) as needed. It’s a hell of a creation. I share all this in that we can do what the computer does manning/managing our Kuumas.

    For example, from the moment I fire up my sauna stove, to the moment I towel off after 3-4 rounds, my Kuuma emits virtually zero smoke. Match lights paper, paper lights kindling, kindling lights fire wood. It’s like in Talking Heads “Stop Making Sense” live recording of “Heaven”, where each musician comes on stage one at a time, and before you know it, you’re rocking it out.

    Now, none of this may make sense for the zoning department, but I’d be happy to speak with them on your behalf. I am right now looking out my office window at my chimney, and the sauna is riding up to serving temp. Zero smoke or particle emission visibility. Only the heat trails, and even that is hard to see.

  3. Glenn,
    I appreciate the offer to chat with the zoning dept. I think I’ll still need actual numbers. I’m trying to set up a meeting with them to discuss options. I’m not totally shut down if we can’t reach a solution, just within the town limits. This is my first time dealing with town government. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills, or am in an episode of Parks and Recreation.

    Thanks for all you are doing to promote sauna culture. Since starting my research months ago on building my own sauna to help with sleep to actually ordering one from Eric to start a business, I’ve been devouring sauna content like a damn lunatic, and I blame a lot of that on you. In a good way.


  4. I am looking at IR, traditional or even hybrid saunas to put in my basement in a house we are buying in New England. There is an oil furnace/boiler for forced hot water home heating. Are there any sauna heaters that run on, or are supplemented by, a zone and coil to the sauna? It seems that the sauna would heat up faster and spreading out the heating options might have economic benefits as well. A high heat boiler (~220F) might even be the only source needed for a traditional one. I can’t find anything about using forced hot water to heat a sauna, though. Any knowledge of this or thoughts of its feasibility or utility?

  5. Peter:

    Best to treat a sauna as its own independent event. Heating wise. Using forced hot water to heat a sauna doesn’t exist, and most likely for this reason. I installed a water heated radiant system in our house. It works awesome, but it provides heat in an entirely different fashion than for a sauna. Hope this helps!

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