Celebrate cedar with tongue and groove paneling and cedar plank salmon

Sauna parties offer wonderful opportunities to meet new guests and Clintgaragesaunaenjoy other folks’ cuisine contributions.  Last night was no exception.  Clint’s garage sauna and backyard provided a wonderful backdrop for this sauna party.  Esteemed guests included package designers from Target Headquarters, a swimsuit model recently relocated from Manhattan, the Sweat guru Mikkel Aaland (founder of The Perfect Sweat Summit) and Ben, an avid Great Lakes fisherman, who brought along a recent catch of Lake Michigan Salmon, preparing it on the grill using cedar plank.

Some say smell is the strongest of the five senses.  As a few of us showered after our final sauna round, the distinctive smell of cedar – this time waifing off the grill – evoked memories of building sauna benches, paneling sauna interiors, and enjoying saunas at the lake.

Celebrate cedar and your sauna build.  Keep a stack of remnant cuts of tongue and groove cedar, and grill up some cedar plant salmon during one of your sauna parties:

post sauna salmon

Four other after sauna food ideas are presented here.

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