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Coachella music festival could benefit from a kick ass authentic sauna

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The Coachella music festival takes place on Empire Polo Grounds, just outside of Palm Springs CA.  The incessant sun is scorching.  It gets up to 100 degrees in the afternoon.  Dust is everywhere.  Many add masks to their wardrobes.

Lots of walking and dancing kicks up dust at Coachella

We know that sauna helps with asthma, but a scene like this can be a real challenge to clean breathing.

Getting cool and dusty at Coachella music festival

A sauna in the dessert?  You nuts?

Well, the night time, with cool dry dessert air, is a perfect time to fire up the sauna.  We have experienced some awesome sauna playlist performances from likes of Little Dragon, The XX, Bonobo and Radiohead.  We are dirty and tired but as we work our way from Empire Polo Grounds, we imagine stepping into round one of a kick ass mobile sauna.  As we toss water on the sauna rocks, warm moist air loosens things up and we are able to clear our lungs (and our minds).  We sweat out caffeine and any other indulgences.  We drink 32 oz. of fresh cool stretch out and relax our muscles which have become stiff from all day walking and standing around.  We can sit quietly and let our ears equalize.  Maybe some sporatic decompression chatter with others about what shows we enjoyed most.

Then we will sleep great: all clean and refreshed after an awesome sauna session in the dessert.

BONUS:  the same kick ass sauna, whether built from a ice fish house chasis or from a shipping container, may be redeployed months later and miles to the North at Burning Man.  Same scene.  Same sore muscles.  Same dust.

POTENTIAL BONUS:  As this sauna will be wood fired and mobile. we can wheel sauna backstage so Nordic indigenous artists like Bon Iver, Sigor Ros, and/or Alt J can experience and share a familiar sauna session with other artists in tune to health and wellness while on the road.

EXTRA BONUS: Ever camped at a music festival?  The showers suck.  With a kick ass sauna and some fresh cold water, campers will get cleaner and sleep better.

Let’s do this.  Let’s get an authentic kick ass wood burning sauna at Coachella.  I’ll help whoever wants to lead the charge and join you on the bench.

The rising sauna tide lifts all boats.



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