Food: What do you eat after a sauna?

We have the drinking water issue covered in this post here, but what do you like to eat after a long sauna party?  I have experienced folks who dive enthusiastically into a candy bar (very American) and Finn’s traditionally break bread and slice up salty makkara sausage, but for me, I’ve refined my after sauna food to:

  1. Pretzels – little sodium replenishment and no oily fats.
  2. Cheese – dairy protein jives much better at night than meat protein.
  3. Fruit – natural vitamins and fiber via Granny Smith apples or any fresh fruit.

These three foods work well together, without any red dye #5 or poly-splenda-msg-benzoate.

I sleep great after this light snack… Any other suggestions?

10 thoughts on “Food: What do you eat after a sauna?”

  1. Another point to keep in mind is that you may not want to have a big meal right before you sauna. Blood is directed to digestion after eating. It can put a strain on your system when the blood is needed to go to the surface of your skin to help regulate body temperature. Digest your meal while the sauna heats up.

  2. An excellent point!! Eating and sauna is similar to eating and swimming…the old wives tale of no eating before swimming or you will drown.

  3. I definitely agree with going into the sauna on an empty stomach is better. For afterwards, my family and friends usually enjoy a nice hearty soup, like chicken noodle.

  4. Before the sauna: Papayas, watermelon, cucumbers, oranges.

    After: watermelon, bananas, mangoes, seaweed, chicken soup, miso soup, steamed rice, steamed root veggies!

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