Mobile sauna delivered to Uncommon Gardens

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The mobile sauna was delivered today to Uncommon Gardens in South Minneapolis.

Owner with a vision

Peggy Poore, owner, has shown remarkable vision in helping her friends and customers realize the potential of a backyard ‘up north’ escape by bringing in the mobile sauna to her garden center.  While shopping for their holiday greenery, folks can get warm and get a feel of how an 8’x12′ sauna can fit into their own backyard.

Mobile sauna on idle

While an enthusiastic staff made quick work of decorating the mobile sauna (just like Linus’s Christmas tree on the Peanuts Christmas show) we were able to fire up the wood burning sauna stove, bringing up to 150 degrees in a matter of minutes.

All are welcome to check it out

The mobile sauna will be on display through the holiday season.  If you’re in the Twin Cities, come by Uncommon Gardens, 5750 Lyndale Avenue South.  If you’re not in the Twin Cities, there are many non stop flights from most major cities in North America.  Uncommon Gardens is a $25 cab ride from MSP Airport.

See you in the sauna!

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