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Music in the sauna … glenn reporting

This post is motivated by my buddy Danny Sigelman’s post on sauna music. His big three are: The Hold Steady, Fela Kuti, The Clash.  I’d like to add the following to his great sauna music list:


  1. Wilco
  2. My Morning Jacket
  3. Burning Spear

The commonality of these three artists is as follows:

All three have an uncanny ability to build a rhythm, not often fast, yet methodical and pleasant  (Company In My Back- Wilco, Lay Low-MMJ, Mistress Music- BS)  then have bridges and breaks, then return to the rhythm.. all analogous to rounds in a sauna.  Consistency of rhythm (heat) with breaks and bridges (rounds).

A great sauna music mix- shuffle these 3 albums:

  • Burning Spear – Live in Paris ’88
  • My Morning Jacket – Z
  • Wilco – Kicking Television

These three lps all capture the value of great rhythms, complimented by bridges and breaks.  All three are recorded live and in the pinnacles of each band’s career.  The sounds of each are crisp and solid… and the cheering of fans after one track mixes wonderfully with whichever track comes next in your 3 lp shuffle.  It’s a great feeling how, in your little sauna, you can bring in recorded moments of wonderfully live music, and as the fans cheer, it’s like a cold water plunge after 20 minutes in 180 degree sauna music heat.

3.5 hours of great sauna music.  Check it out!

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5 thoughts on “Music in the sauna … glenn reporting”

  1. Sometimes some old school classic rock can be saunatastic in addition to all the Current Chic bands named above
    Dire Straits
    Tom Jones
    Joe Jackson

    Thoughts on Talking Heads?

  2. Yes, all the above is saunatastic possible. There is a common musical thread for sauna appreciation: more melody, less guitar… more ambient than traditional rock and roll. “this must be the place” by the Talking Heads summarize a nice sauna round in my book! Music, like a sauna, is open for interpretation and freedom of choice.

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