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“Sauna Days”, Larsmont Cottages, Two Harbors, MN invites sauna fans for a weekend of sauna, and sauna, and sauna

It’s been a long winter. April is an exceptionally wonderful time to work up the North Shore of Lake Superior to Larsmont Cottages. They are hosting “Sauna Days” April 19-20, 2019 weekend, with many events geared toward we sauna lovers.

“A weekend dedicated to all things Finnish and Sauna. Strip down with strangers for a real traditional Finnish sauna experience. Learn sauna etiquette from like-minded sauna enthusiasts. Experience an intense sauna “buzz”, a kind of calm after a storm feeling but for the body and mind – a feeling that can linger for hours or even days! Don’t forget to transition between hot & cold with a plunge into Lake Superior – a required step in taking a proper sauna.”



Sauna Lovers’ Social Hour

featuring Finnish appetizers

Bonfire & Live Music


All Day Sauna Time!

in our authentic wood-fired sauna, Hiki Hut’s Mobile Sauna, and Custom Lines Barrel Saunas.

Guided Waterfall Tour

Sauna Times Podcast – Live Recording

featuring guests from Ursa Minor Brewing and more

Chef Gilna’s Smorgasbord Dinner Buffet

Bonfire & Live Music

featuring Woodblind

Click here to learn more about Sauna Days, and book today.

Larsmont Cottages reviewed here. And here.

Could Lake Superior be the World’s best sauna lake? Check here.

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