Sauna in the snow

Dec.  3,  2010  We’ve talked about Friday afternoon saunas, and the beauty of this Friday sauna session was a heavy dose of snow falling.  Here’s an email dialogue with my friend Brian on his way to my backyard sauna to join this sauna party.  My laptop was streaming music for the sauna. He was in stopped traffic, pulled out his laptop and typed:

  • 4:40 Brian:   “I’m on my way.  I could walk faster.  Forgot my cell at home.”
  • 5:02 Me:  “just finished round one with a buddy; park out front … 5621 dupont.  Drive safe, plenty of sauna time.”
  • 5:51 Brian:  “I’m on 50th and 100, getting off at 50th and using side streets.  I hate winter drivers.  I left Cabellas in Rogers at 3:30.  I need a sauna!  Keep it going.”
  • 6:13 Me after another round: “10:4, mebbe turn right at Xerxes or Penn down to 56th then turn left there.”

A few minutes later, a determined Brian arrived.  We took 3 rounds, celebrating all that fresh snow outside the backyard sauna.

You know that feeling: falling snow tingling on your skin.
And it feels so good, you lay down in it.

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