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Sauna party: Friday afternoons

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Some like saunas in the mornings, others before bed, and most enjoy a nice sauna after a workout or running.  Not all these times are sauna party times.  However, I think a great time for a sauna party is a Friday afternoon.

  • A Friday afternoon sauna party is a great time to wind down, getting your work week over and some closure to the ‘to do list’ of the week.  A great precursor to a sauna party is finishing all your work stuff!
  • A Friday afternoon sauna party is a great primer for your evening plans: whether it’s heading out to dinner or over to friends or even to another sauna party!  It’s great to get clean and refreshed for your Friday night’s activities, or just wear a bathrobe over to your next sauna party.
  • A Friday afternoon sauna party may just be a party on it’s own.  I’ve had Friday afternoon sauna parties that bleed nicely into the evening.  Order a pizza, or fire up the grill and invite more friends.  This sauna party AS a party is a traditional thing in Scandinavia.  Look for more information on sauna parties, and traditional Finnish style on a later post.

I love Friday nights.  Knocking off work and hitting the sauna by 4 pm on Friday is a ritual for me.  It’s a party on it’s own.

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