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Saunas work, no matter who shows up

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You can’t play tennis alone.  You can golf on your own, maybe hit a second ball, enjoy the solitude between belting out a swear word or two.  No “who’se up next?” on the green.  You see people going to a movie solo, and we know it’s a chuckle to go to a movie on a date.  You can’t talk in a movie theater anyway.  Some like to watch a football match alone at home, others like to be at a bar with a big crowd.

When you do stuff, there’s advantages to being alone, and advantages to being with other people.

Same with sauna.

A solo sauna is a fantastic time for reflecting, planning, chilling.  Lots of people find it effective to read or write in the sauna or simply tune out, as hitting that ‘reset button’ is sure a sweet thing.

A two person sauna is an opportunity for one on one.  Maybe a friend you haven’t seen in a while, maybe your son or daughter or spouse, or a work colleague.  One’s place on the sauna bench is clearly defined throughout the sauna session.  If the conversation gets stale or is at a point of needing reflection, one can leave the sauna and hang outside and both parties can think about things on their own.  There’s social time and as much solo time as you want during a two person sauna session.

A three person sauna really works great.  As I own three saunas, sauna three times a week, and enjoy three beers during my three sauna rounds, it seems only natural to acknowledge the power of three.  A three person sauna session can add all the benefits of a solo sauna and a two person sauna.  Two people can be in conversation, one can be reflecting.  There’s a nice flow, where one person goes for a cool down, then the other two are left deciding whether they’re driving each other crazy or actually enjoying each others company.

A four person sauna… well, you get the idea.  There’s power in four, too:  four golfers to a foursome, two couples out to dinner, or playing a board game.  The point is…

saunas work no matter who shows up to your sauna party. It’s all a sprinking of good vibes.

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